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WHAT IF... You knew what your monthly workers' compensation expenses were going to be in advance of your jobs, instead of trying to guess what the expense would be when you made the bid?

WHAT IF... Your workers' compensation coverage was based upon your staff size, and not on payroll wages?

WHAT IF...  You could purchase coverage for your workforce at a flat rate each month and change that escalating cost into a manageable fixed expense?

WHAT IF... You could "right-size" your workforce by providing more hours to fewer staff, hire less staff to do more work by re-deploying them to more and bigger jobs, while not increasing your workers' compensation expense?

WHAT IF...  You could cover your workforce 24/7 and never again worry about Experience Modifications, fradulent claims, or suspicious Monday morning "injuries"?

INTRODUCING FIXED-PRICE COVERAGE FROM WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS.  Department of Labor approved privatized solutions that provide "double the coverage" of traditional workers' compensation at a fraction of the price, saving high-risk blue collar employers thousands of dollars each month.